BIOGRAPHY – Wayne Lozinak

Wayne Lozinak is the lead guitarist and one of the original members of the hardcore metal band Hatebreed. He grew up in Connecticut and first got into music after seeing Kiss on TV. He started learning guitar as a teenager and he was influenced by Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. He joined Hatebreed in 1994, a Newhaven Connecticut based band formed by front man Jamey Jasta. Wayne Lozinak was lead guitarist, bass player Chris Beattie and Dave Russo on drums.

Hatebreed started their recording career by recording a three-track demo disc which they sold directly at gigs and in the local area.  In 1996, the band recorded an EP “Under the Knife” and went on a tour of the Midwest supporting UK hardcore punk band Voohees. The band did not really start getting recognition until the following year when they recorded “Satisfaction is the Death of Desire” on the Victory label but by this time, Wayne Lozinak had left the band.

Wayne Lozinak was involved in Jamey Jasta’s side project band Icepick which formed in 1996 although the band did not get any attention until 2004 when the single “Born to Crush” came out on a compilation CD “UFC: Ultimate Beat Downs, Vol. 1”. (UFC Ultimate Fight Championship).

Icepick released a debut album “Violent Epiphany” in 2006. Wayne Lozinak played on this album which was released via Jamey Jasta’s label Stillborn records, Jasta and Wayne Lozinak also worked together on a fund raising song in 2009 for Chi Cheng – the Deftones guitarist left in a coma after a road traffic accident. The fund was to help his family pay for medical care and is still ongoing.

In 2009, Wayne Lozinak returned to Hatebreed. The band had gone on to more success in the intervening years and had released four albums. Line-up changes had seen Lou Richards (who later committed suicide) on lead guitar, followed by Sean Martin. When Sean Martin left the band in 2009, Wayne Lozinak was asked back to fill his place.

Wayne Lozinak played on the “For the Lions” album – a covers album of songs that have influenced the band, and “Hatebreed” released in the same year. Since 2009, Hatebreed have been touring extensively throughout Europe, UK, Asia and America including the Mayhem festival tour 2010. Today Wayne Lozinak shares guitar duties with band member Frank Novinec.

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